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Are you a key group member, and do you need help in Ukraine or abroad?

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The war escalation forced millions of Ukrainians to leave their homes in search of shelter and help. Since March, 2022, Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons who are representatives of key groups can take advantage of an assistance service called “HelpNow,” created during the first week of the war.

The primary purpose of the project is:

Support and assistance of Ukrainian refugees from among the key population groups who become forced migrants or internally displaced persons due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Support and assistance include access to information resources, referrals, and connections to appropriate treatment-related services (ART, OAMT (opioid agonist maintenance therapy), TB drugs, etc.) and social services: psychological, legal support, and humanitarian assistance.

The geographical focus of the project

Ukraine and other countries with the largest number of Ukrainian refugees, with a focus on the Baltic States, Poland, and Germany.

The HelpNow Hub project is designed to address a war-related emergency to support internally displaced persons within Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees abroad – representatives of key populations.

In 2023, the project will be implemented by Alliance Consultancy with the financial support of AidsFonds.

The #HelpNOW_HUB project is designed to respond to a war-related emergency to support internally displaced persons within Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees abroad – representatives of key populations.

The #HelpNOW_HUB focus areas are:

Information support

We provide information support to representatives of key groups on available services in Ukraine and abroad (creation, adaptation, and dissemination of information materials about contacts, testing, counseling, adherence to treatment, use of services, as well as support and development of the online HelpNow service)

Navigation and coordination

We quickly assess relevant services, resources, and opportunities provided to refugees from Ukraine, including access to essential HIV/drug use/tuberculosis/hepatitis services, as well as more general social and life support. We identify key gaps. We plan to work in Ukraine and abroad based on the results of this assessment.

Social Support

Social (humanitarian) support is based on rapid situation assessment to address specific gaps, depending on each case, for additional support or referral among available relevant services.


Medical assistance

On May 23, in partnership with the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health, HelpNow Hub presented a unique approach for Ukraine to ensure efficient medical support for people living with HIV under forced displacement of Ukrainians within the country abroad. Namely, a universal profile of a doctor on the Help24 platform (, which provides qualified online medical care to Ukrainian patients with HIV.

#HelpNow provides information to Ukrainians on how to access ART, OAMT, TB drugs, viral hepatitis drugs, and mental health care both in Ukraine and abroad through the following channels: Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, email, or Google form. 

The #HelpNow team applies a patient-centric approach to meet their customers’ needs comprehensively. Each application is reviewed individually. At the moment, more than 3,000 requests from refugees or displaced persons have received consultation, and this number is increasing daily.


Creation and maintenance of a temporary "Ukrainian HIV Navigation Center of HelpNow HUB" to coordinate the main activities following the project as mentioned earlier directions.

Establishing of Technical Support Centers (Hubs) to inform, navigate and coordinate representatives of key groups from Ukraine in Poland and Germany in partnership with local NGO leaders in the field of HIV epidemic response.

Close coordination and cooperation with relevant service providers in other countries for Ukrainians who have received temporary asylum or refugee status abroad.

Supporting service providers in the Baltic States to receive Ukrainian refugees who move there.

Providing targeted information and technical support, which includes the development of alternative channels of communication and coordination, online consultations with doctors on the principle of "telemedicine" in partnership with the Center for Public Health of Ukraine, on the platform

In 2022 support the operation of two shelters for internally displaced persons in Ukraine.